Friday, 3 July 2015

Many exhausted

Left Santa Fe this morning without having a chance to visit any of the local museums and art galleries. Thinking I'd find camping North of Durango - turns out everyone goes camping around the 4th of July... Very glad a bought the rain suit yesterday, rode through a number of thunderstorms.

Campsite for the evening
 Colorado border
 Cute church
 Approaching rain
 Much pretty
 More pretty
Rode past so many spectacular views today, wish I could have taken photos of them all. unfortunately there isn't always a safe space to pull over, or rain... or lazy.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Random things: Happy Snaps

No fog \:D/
Many beer \:D/
 Pretty art things\:D/
 Many fix \:D/
 Weird bicycle things \D;/
 Lovely band in hip venue\:D/
 Many guns \:D/
 Rattlesnakes \:D/
 Pulled into a random church parking lot for some shade and a chance to rest. Noticed this as I was about to leave.
 One hour after I bought a new rain suit (because I left mine at home during a rapid repacking session to drop my suitcase weight as the airport taxi was waiting).
 Name drop
 Yes he is always watching

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Random things: Cadillac Ranch

One of those random little things one comes across touring: Cadilac Ranch

A first time for everything

My first time on the other side of the Couchsurfing experience! I was lucky enough to be hosted by CS Veteran Dan and his girlfriend Lauren.

They took me to a local pub, Hoots, where we got the chance to see 2 excellent bands perform. Amarillo native Strangetowne and from North Carolina, American Aquarium. These guys really put on excellent live gigs.

Sensing kindred spirits; been trying to sell them on the idea of going to Afrikaburn next year. Dan, being a musician would definitely find a rapt audience under the Tankwa Town residents with his special blend of hard rock and country music.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

On the road

Finally set off for Amarillo today. Was having too much fun with Alexis and Rob so decided to stay an extra day.

Bike is not quite as comfortable as I had hoped... still better than my DR650 though :p

Writing from the side of the road at a rest stop 50 miles from Wichita Falls.